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Nexplant MESplus

Manufacturing Execution System
Integrated Production Management Solution for Utmost Productivity

Manufacturing transformation starts at Smart Factory, and ends with Nexplant MESplus.

With an integrated production management solution with over 25 years of experience and project know-how from various industries, we help you implement and realize the optimal smart factory.

Why Needed?

You need a globally proven MES that can respond to various market/value changes.

  • Trouble
    Lack of a baseline for data collection and a management system for data analysis
    Lack of a system to check and share manufacturing floor in real time
    Necessity to manually check on both shop floor and process data
  • Troubleshooting
    Analysis/management of manufacturing activities based on data through a solution linkable to production resource (4M1E*) data collection *4M1E: Man, Machine, Material, Method and Energy
    Strengthening production management system through real-time data visualization and information monitoring of various work statuses
    Confirmation of process progress and machine operation status on the system through machine connectivity
  • Trouble
    Underutilization due to a mismatch between shop floor conditions and system functions
    Difficulty in additional upscaling due to non-standardized process and site-specific system integration(SI)
    Lack of maintenance, technical support from the previous solution provider causing system operation and management issues
  • Troubleshooting
    Provision of industry-specific features to enable customized process implementation to the local environment
    Provision of scalable solutions that can proactively respond to changes in business strategy, new plant construction, etc.
    Continuous services from professional solution provider capable of reflecting customer's requirement, as well as giving technical support


Miracom’s Customer-Tailored Digital Platform Miracom’s Digital Platform is customizable and applicable to meet the needs of customers’ production sites, and necessary modules can easily be added in accordance with performance upgrades.

  • Business Function

    Open API allowing for additional functions and technology extension

  • Common Function

    Regular platform updates keeping clients up-to-date with latest technologies and functions

  • Standard Framework

    Modern frameworks and standardized architecture allowing for industry- and customer-specific capabilities


Nexplant MESplus No.1 unified, modular solution for managing production, materials, equipment, and quality proven by over 350 clients

  • Functionality
    Over 300 functions for efficient manufacturing management
  • Scalability
    Basic & extended modules enabling additions of latest technologies - Artificial Intelligence (AI), automation, etc.
  • Interoperability
    Provision of interface for easy integration with legacy system
  • Predictability
    Quality analytics, KPIs, reports and more functions to gauge potential future performance

Solution Line-up

Nexplant MESplus: One Foundation, Two Products, Three Offerings

One Foundation Manufacturing Execution System Nexplant MESplus ONE Platform ONE Experience
Two Products as a Service (Subscription) as a Product

Cloud Edition Cloud

Smart Edition On-Premise

Three Offerings Cloud - Standard Cloud - Scalable On-Premise
Public Cloud, Configuration Public Cloud, Customizing Client’s own data center, Customizing
  • Quick adoption of applicable best Practices(BPs) for each client without additional development
  • Annual license subscription model
  • For businesses looking to use application servers, DB and software in a simplified cloud environment
  • For businesses seeking to cut down upfront investment costs and operational costs
  • Customizable, annual subscription model
  • For businesses seeking to expand gradually while checking the implementation effect at a reasonable cost
  • For business seeking to minimize the burden of system and infrastructure operation
  • Customizable perpetual license
  • For businesses seeking to process large amounts of data in real time
  • For businesses that can own and manage their own hardware capabilities such as application servers, DB, etc.

Key Features

  • Integrated solution with 21 industry-specific processes
    25 years of serving the most number of industries in S. Korea with a unified solution applicable to both discrete and process industries
    Customer and industry-specific deployment through the optimal application of best practices(BP)
  • Provides real-time monitoring information on production/manufacturing status
    Reports/dashboards created using various drag-and-drop design tools
    Real-time bird's eye view of the manufacturing site using process modeling functions and other components
  • Flexible architecture supports manufacturing data integration
    Flexible architecture connecting diverse manufacturing data: supports manufacturing data integration facilitates high volume/fast data processing.
  • Provides visualized modeling capabilities
    Modeling definition enables simple configuration of material/product master data and manufacturing process

Customer Success Stories

Manufacturing powerhouse Korea, Nexplant MESplus is with you.

  • The leading power semiconductor company was experiencing a lack of productivity caused by workers manually reporting inputs and results. By creating a computerized manufacturing management system with Miracom's MESplus, they were able to collect clear production aggregate data and establish delivery schedules and stable production plans. The system allowed them to reach their goal of minimizing manufacturing lead time by strengthening production management.
    A specialized automotive battery maker built an MES that features the manufacturing operation infrastructure and battery industry-specific functions to expand production lines at the new factory. The proactive detection of process abnormalities secured a quality accident prevention system and the equipment utilization rate was improved through equipment status monitoring. These activities allowed customers to maintain growth through increased work efficiency and improved competitiveness.
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    A global aluminum parts company was faced with the problem of manually managing on-site data. By implementing Miracom's MES, they secured traceability through performance and lot tracking management and laid the data collecting foundation to collect information for production and quality. Operator errors were diminished and the time to identify and act on quality issues were down by 80%, and manual work was decreased by 75%. Through implementing MES, the customer has enhanced their standing as the only company in Korea with a one-stop system from mold to aftercare. Through implementing MES, the customer has enhanced their standing as the only company in Korea with a one-stop system from mold to aftercare.
    • #MES
    South Korea's number one auto parts maker was experiencing difficulties in changing process lines due to its outdated MES and responding to various customer orders. In order to establish a standardized management system for all factories in diverse countries, the firm designed a production/logistics architecture based on Miracom’s MES. The auto parts maker also rebuilt IT systems such as equipment and ERP for production. As a result, the customer was able to establish a global standard integrated system that is easy to spread to overseas factories and continuously improved work efficiency to become a leader in the auto parts industry.
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    • #ERP
    A customer that manufactures world-recognized high-tech materials (gas, chemicals) was faced with the following difficulties. Those were their process input/performance/quality information was dispersed, and that production results were managed only by ERP, making it difficult to manage on-site and check real-time data. By implementing Miracom's MES, they created an integrated production management system that standardized the manufacturing process and added an automatic aggregation function for quality data. This strengthened their manufacturing management capabilities, improved quality levels, and helped them become a leading company in the global advanced materials field.
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